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Is Ike's Headed for Lower Haight?



    Is Ike's Headed for Lower Haight?
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    Sadly, it seems Ike's Place neighbor Daimaru Sushi might be another victim of the sandwich shop's wild success.

    Getting a sandwich has never been so difficult, with poor Ike's wavering between open and closed for weeks. And now, rumors are floating that a move to the Haight may be in the works.

    Ike's first grabbed headlines with its ever-lengthening lines of hungry lunch customers. Something about the big sandwiches and the tasty sauces was a siren song for locals and before long, customers could expect to wait upwards of half an hour for their food.

    Alas, it couldn't last forever, and Ike's landlord soon moved to kick him out amid complaints from nearby residents that lines of hungry people are annoying. The City wept.

    But salvation may be at hand. A Facebook page has sprung up, calling for Ike's to move into the Lower Haight. Storefront vacancies have increased recently, thanks to the recession, and there are plenty of spaces from which to choose. The most popular sandwich shop in town certainly would be a jewel in the neighborhood's crown. Commenters have suggested the locations of such shuttered restaurants as RNM and Burger Joint.

    Could it happen? Maybe. Neighbors are agog. "Best of all," writes Haighteration, "we're OK with some street noise."

    Matt Baume knows Ike's secret recipe: Two pieces of bread with a bunch of food between them.