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Forget the Flu: Swine Is Good For You

If you have yet to take up veganism in order to get in someone's pants, there's plenty of hot meat action.



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    Ryan Farr shows how the sausage is made, and his supplementing his meat-eating income with some fashionable merchandise.

    While newly vegan Natalie Portman is expected to surprise and annoy the meat-loving contestants on the next installment of Bravo's Top Chef, for many a San Franciscan, you still can't beat meat.

    Putting the rock and roll into the Rock Star Butcher trend, butcher and chef Ryan Farr had the legendary Hatch Show Print team from Nashville work up some classic handbills.

    Translating Chicharrones as "Crispity clouds of porkaliciousness," and keeping it on just this side of raunchy by promising "Pork: The noun, not the verb," it's a great way for you swine enthusiasts to profess your love for everything pig, not to mention the artisanal sausauge making being done by Farr and his 4505 Meats.

    All is not well in butcherdom, however, with the news that Drewes Brother Butchers in Noe Valley is reportedly struggling after Whole Foods moved to town.

    The San Francisco institution of over a century was forced to cut back on staff hours to compete with the monster from Austin. Maybe omnivorous locavores looking to supplement their Rainbow Grocery shopping with a little tasty flesh might drop by and help boost sales by going hog wild.

    And for those of you looking to arm yourselves in ethical debates around the dinner table over whether or not to eat meat, and if so, which meat, how much and where from, drop on by the Ferry Plaza on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. for "In Search of a Righteous Pork Chop."

    Because after all, pigs are our friends. Our delicious, delicious friends.

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