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San Ramon Is Tapping Its Heels for Trader Joe's

East Bay city doubts it can attract organic grocer but that won't stop its residents from trying



    San Ramon Is Tapping Its Heels for Trader Joe's
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    San Ramon really wants a Trader Joe's.

    If a city wants something bad enough will they get it? The small East Bay town of San Ramon certainly hopes so.

    After an oddly placed Le Asia Market closed on one of the city's main thoroughfares, residents took to the Web and and started a campaign to demand Trader Joe's fill the vacant storefront, according to San Ramon Patch.

    The problem is, corporations are not required to listen to persistent mobs with virtual pitchforks. That's not stopping city officials from dreaming.

    "Trader Joe's is one of the key retailers we want to attract to fill that space," Marc Fontes, the director of San Ramon's Economic Development Department told Patch.

    Fontes is also quick to point out that Trader Joe's is not planning a lot of expansion in California in 2010. But it's not as if San Ramon Valley residents are being cut off from the common peoples' Whole Foods. There are two Trader Joe's locations within a 15-minute drive of the vacant storefront in question.

    And Fontes says residents might get lucky and attract a Beverages & More to San Ramon.