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Chris Daly Wants to Know Everyone's "Bleeping" Name



    From F-Bombs to Beer Bongs: Daly Post Politics

    Controversial San FranciscoSupervisor Chris Daly's run in the City is coming to an end but he already has his life after politics figured out. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2010)

    Termed-out San FranciscoSupervisor Chris Daly is stepping out of the boardroom and into the bar room.

    The controversial politician confirms to NBC Bay Area’s Joe Rosato Jr. his plans to buy and run Buck’s Tavern on San Francisco’s Market Street.

    Daly served on the Board of Supervisors for 10 years, during which time he made a name for himself as a lightning rod for controversy and an affinity for the F-word.

    “I sat down and thought about it,” Daly said about his career after politics. “And ultimately decided that it would make sense to purchase a bar and grill.”

    Daly hasn’t picked out a name for his new establishment, though he says he’s leaning toward the name “’Daly’s Dive.” He also plans ample work behind the bar – a throwback to his pre-political career.

    Daly hasn’t ruled out future political runs. But in the meantime, he said he’d hold fundraisers and political gatherings in his bar. And with Daly behind the counter, it’s a given that liberal politics will be on the menu.

    ”I can hopefully have a place where people of all political stripes, but especially progressives can come together to have a drink, have something to eat – talk about important issues,” he said slugging away at glass of Ginger ale and Bourbon.

    During his three terms on the board, Daly made a name for himself as a scrapper. He quickly made his political irreverence known when then-Mayor Willie Brown appointed him the largely symbolic duty of “acting mayor.”

    While Brown was out-of-town, Daly used his mayoral powers to appoint two city committee members, which infuriated Brown.

    There were stories of him cussing out fellow board members, and publicly accusing Mayor Gavin Newsom of cocaine use. Then came his vow to use the F-word at least once during every board meeting.

    But while Daly was busy etching his reputation as the black sheep of San Francisco’s political family, he also gained recognition as a champion of the little guy, the voiceless tenants living in small SRO hotels in his Tenderloin District.

    “You pass some legislation and some people like it –- some people don’t,” said longtime Daly friend Teddy Strawser. “So if you find that somebody doesn’t like Chris Daly, you’ll find somebody that does.”

    Inside Buck’s Tavern, Daly wracks up a set of billiard balls, and cues up. He said he plans to open up the front of the bar to help it blend in with Market Street.

    He chuckles when he said he also wants to soften the interior – evoking the question of whether the rigors of a regular job will soften Daly.

    As if to answer that question, he cites a suggested theme for the new bar. "Maybe where everybody knows your f***ing name does have some merit,” he said.