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The Waffle Truck Is Not All Its Cooked Up To Be



    The Waffle Mania truck. JZ Designs SF on Flickr

    Not all street food is gourmet food.

    That is the message from our friends at Chow who report some "investigative reporting" revealed the battered truth behind the tasty delights at the Waffle Mania Belgian Waffle Truck.

    The truck in fact uses pre made batter out of a box, according to Chow. If it makes anyone feel any better the mix is made by So Good Belgian Waffles, which is a leading waffle making company in Belgium.

    And to his credit, the owner of the truck -- known for showing up at farmer's markets across the Bay Area -- never claimed his waffles were handmade and he is in fact Belgian himself, and not made from a pre made batter.

    It also doesn't hurt that the waffles still taste damn good, especially with powdered sugar.

    Not convinced? If you want fresh waffles from scratch, skip the Lake Merritt Farmer's Market this weekend and head down the 24 to Berkeley. Order Guerilla's waffle of the day and see if you taste a difference.