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Banksy's Tree Gets a Friend



    Banksy's Tree Gets a Friend
    The tree in question. Photo: Stencil Nation on Flickr

    While B, there are at least some people who are honored to have their property tagged.

    In April the notoriously elusive British tagger Banksy was reportedly in the Bay Area to promote a new documentary film about his life called "Exit Through the Gift Shop."

    Banksy didn't go on any local radio shows to announce his arrival nor did he attend the premiere of his movie -- as far as we know. Instead the street artist did what he does best: he tagged the City.

    Some of his paintings have since been painted over while others have been altered. Now our friends at Mission Mission report that the owners of a building on Erie and Mission streets that got tagged is doing what it can to keep the painting.

    Banksy painted the base of a tree on a wall to connect with a real life tree top visible from above. The owners of the building have addd a small little enhancement to the painting that you can see here. And they plan to do more.