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Check Out This iPad Holder

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    Check Out This iPad Holder
    Site Hirac

    Here's a story that will make tech types giggle.

    We stumbled on to a new product for you iPad owners.  It's also a new use for an old product for you Apple loyalists.

    Site Hirac posted
    a new/old iPad holder.  Site Hirac is a Japanese blog site, but you don't need subtitles on the clip below to get the idea.

    The one of a kind Macintosh Classic opens becomes a iPad stand.  The face opens and the new iPad is inserted.  It's freaky that the two screens are basically the same size.

    Just close the door and you have a nice little frame for your new device.  Everything works at the touch of your finger and you get a real Apple feel to the process.

    It's would be the perfect father's day gift for a true Mac lover.  And who know that a Silicon Valley entrepreneur won't actually design something to make this available on a mass scale?