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Speed Blamed for Fiery Fatal Bay Bridge Crash



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    Crews work to get a Volvo free from the rear of a recycling truck on the lower deck of the Bay Bridge.

    Traffic on the lower deck of the Bay Bridge was halted early Wednesday morning just before 4 a.m. after a a fatal crash involving a car and a recycling truck.

    The California Highway Patrol shut down several eastbound lanes of traffic on the bridge after a Volvo sedan slammed into the back of the recycling truck just before the S-curve, causing the car to burst into flames.

    The driver of a Volvo, a San Francisco woman, died, CHP officer Trent Cross said. Witnesses say the car was speeding before the fiery crash. The car was going so fast when it crashed, it was wedged under the rear of the recycling truck.

    Although the crash happened just before the notorious S-curve, where several accidents have happened since the Bay Bridge project started, Cross said it had nothing to do with the cause of the crash. Instead, he blamed speed for causing the fatal crash.