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What to do With NUMMI



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    Nummi workers vote on severance package

    The Fremont City Council at its meeting tonight will discuss possible ways of reusing the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. plant, including the possibility of building a baseball stadium on the site.

          The auto plant, which was a joint venture between General Motors and Toyota, closed on April 1.
    On Friday, the U.S. Economic Development Administration announced it is providing the city of Fremont with a $330,000 grant to study how to reuse the 370-acre site.
    The ballpark idea is in response to a request from a Major league Baseball task force looking into possible future homes for the Oakland A's in Oakland, Fremont or San Jose.
    In January, Fremont officials presented a conceptual proposal for a 36,000-set baseball stadium on a vacant proposal at the northernmost edge of NUMMI's property. It wouldn't include any of the land occupied by the auto  plant.
    The Fremont City Council will meet at 7 p.m. tonight at its chambers at 3300 Capitol Ave. in Fremont.