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Bruce Willis Picking "Violet and Daisy"



    Oscar-winning screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher want Bruce Willis as the leading man for his directorial debut, a film that's been described as "Thelma & Louise" meets "Superbad" with a helping of "Pulp Fiction."

    "Violet and Daisy," which already has Carey Mulligan and Saoirse Ronan attached to star in the title roles, is in talks to get Willis on board as the male lead and Danny Trejo in a supporting role, according to 24 Frames.

    It's a great cast, and that "Thelma & Louise" + "Superbad" + "Pulp Fiction" could certainly be entertaining. But will Fletcher be able to avoid the sophomore jinx as a writer? Is he ready to direct? We'll see. Meanwhile, we're more interested in the film he's making with Doug Liman about the Attica riots.

    Willis has been keeping busy, having already released "Cop Out" (ugh) and "The Expendables" (double ugh) this year, with "Red," an action-comedy about a team of ex-CIA assassins target by The Company for termination, generating a nice buzz ahead of its October release.

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    Ronan, who was nominated for her role in "Atonement," can next be seen in "Hanna," a film that sounds like a cross between "Bourne" and "The Professional."

    Mulligan, who was nominated for her performance in "An Education," has two high-profile films coming out in the coming months, "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" and "Never Let Me Go."

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    Meanwhile, Trejo is enjoying the spotlight with his first starring role in a feature film, the title role in "Machete," coming out Sept. 3.