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Robert Zemeckis Returning to Live-Action With Denzel Washington in "Flight"



    For more than a decade, Robert Zemeckis made some of the most reliably crowd-pleasing films in Hollywood, some were better than others, but the guy was bankable and at times genuinely entertaining. Then he discovered motion-capture animation.

    Now he's returning to Earth with "Flight," starring Denzel Washington in a role vaguely similar to the one he played in "Unstoppable," reported 24 Frames. Washington will play a pilot who is at first hailed as a hero for saving his passengers from peril, until it's learned that it was his substance abuse put everyone in danger to begin with. Jerk.


    [NATL] "Unstoppable"
    Denzel Washington and Chris Pine must set aside their differences and join forces to stop "8 freight cars of hazardous chemicals--We?re not just talking about a train, we?re talking about a missile the size of the Chrysler Building!" from blowing up a Pennsylvania town.
    (Published Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010)

    Zemeckis started in 2004 to put all his energies into the then-new mo-cap technology, first with "The Polar Express." He followed suit with "Beowulf" and then "A Christmas Carol," both of which had domestic box-office receipts far short of recouping their budgets and just looked creepy.

    Then came this year's "Mars Needs Moms," a film of such epic flop-itude--it made $21 million domestically, cost $150 million--that Disney changed their minds about bankrolling Zemeckis' "Yellow Submarine" remake, and thank god for that.

    Zemeckis has made so many iconic films--"Romancing the Stone," "Back to the Future," "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," " Forrest Gump"--it's hard to believe he fell so far. Don't know if he's got a comeback in him, but we sure hope so.