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Facebook Ditches 'Comment' Button

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Facebook Ditches 'Comment' Button

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The founders of ConnectU went after Facebook and collected. The saga continues over what the company is really worth.

Facebook unveiled a change in its status updates last night. I was commenting on a few of my friends' statuses last night when I noticed that "Enter" put it up on the News Feed and the familiar blue "Comment" button was gone.

I wasn't the only one that noticed, hat-tip to The Next Web, who experimented enough to find out that if you want to use the "Enter" key to create a space or new paragraph you now have to press "Shift+Enter."

Another new aspect is that instead of deleting an entire comment and rewriting it for mass consumption (usually hastily written comments or responses are regretted and then rewritten) users can now just hit the X, which used to delete, then edit the comment and repost.

I'm not enamored of the first change. I kind of liked the little blue button -- but I will get plenty of use out of the comment edits. So why didn't this happen earlier?

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