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Google Exec Defects to Facebook



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    FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY - OCTOBER 6: An eployee (R) of Google speaks with a visitor at their booth during the Frankfurt Book Fair 2010 on October 6, 2010 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The Frankfurt book fair that runs from 6th to 10th October is the world's largest event of it's type. This year has the focal theme of 'Literature of Argentina'. (Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)

    Google's Amin Zoufonoun, director of corporate development, has left the search giant to become an executive at Facebook -- with  the exact same title. Zoufonoun joins several of his former Google colleagues including Alexandre Hohagan, who headed Google's sales in Latin America.

    Zoufonoun, 40, joined Google in 2003, and was a senior member of its corporate development team. He also has a law degree from Santa Clara University's School of Law.

    While some, including the Wall Street Journal, call it Facebook luring away Google talent, the reality is that executives and employees have obviously made a choice to jump ship. Whether or not it's based on money, incentives or the cachet of a new and exciting company (although I suspect it's more the former than the latter) these high-profile employees have chosen to leave.

    In a world where not even Silicon Valley's best companies can promise a lifetime of security or promotion, employees will have to look out for their own best interests.