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Aptos Woman Allegedly Murdered By Son Was San Jose Symphony Violinist

The retired couple found dead at their Aptos home included symphony member.



    It is not known why James Henderson may have allegedly killed his parents.

    The Aptos couple allegedly murdered by their son on Sunday included a former violinist with the San Jose Symphony Orchestra, according to reports.

    Edith Henderson called 911 at about 4:50 p.m. on Sunday from her home on Ridge View Drive in Aptos, where her son, James Henderson, had allegedly driven his car into his father, Joseph, Edith's husband, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

    By the time authorities arrived, Edith -- a retired software developer who played in the symphony "for many years" -- was also dead, the newspaper reported.

    Neighbors reported seeing James Henderson's car in the driveway that morning. He had had a strained relationship with his parents for many years, the newspaper reported.

    Sheriff's deputies searched for the suspect following the deaths of his parents. He was discovered in a nearby home's yard by a neighbor who heard his horses making noise, the newspaper reported.

    Henderson, 40, was found near the horses' corral and arrested by a deputy.  Earlier reports described him as a transient. No address for him is known but authorities said he did not live with his parents.

    He is in jail on $750,000 bail.

    A warrant for his arrest was issued on June 24 for a probation violation prior to the deaths of his parents.