Bay Yacht Racing Resumes Following Fatal Crash

Yacht racing returns to San Francisco Bay for the first time since a wreck killed five sailors last month.

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    Department of Fish and Game
    This is the wreckage of the Low Speed Chase after the boat crashed during a race near the Farallon Islands, killing five sailors.

    Yacht racing is scheduled to return to San Francisco Bay this weekend, the first racing weekend since a fatal wreck killed five sailors last month, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    In the wake of the Low Speed Chase's wreck -- in which the 38-foot racing boat hit rocks near the Farallon Islands and wrecked -- the Coast Guard had shut down races outside of the Golden Gate, according to the newspaper.

    The sailing community responded by "vowing to improve safety and training standards to prevent future tragedies," the newspaper reported.

    A safety report was issued that included five guidelines for safer sailing. After the report was issued, the Coast Guard permitted the Spinnaker Cup to take place, a three-day race that spans from the San Francisco Yacht Club in Belvedere to the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club, the newspaper reported.

    The Crippled Low Speed Chase is Choppered off the Deadly Rocks

    [BAY] The Crippled Low Speed Chase is Choppered off the Deadly Rocks
    The Racing Sailboat that crashed April 14 was retrieved from the rocks of the Farallon Islands