"Comedy of Errors" Means Billionaire Boys' Club Member Wanted For Vehicular Homicide is MIA

SF Chronicle brings tale of investigative missteps

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    Law enforcement officials in San Francisco are planning to charge Reza Eslaminia with vehicular homicide.

    They just have to find him first.

    Eslaminia, 52, is a former member of the Billionaire Boys Club, a Southern California collection of "high living" rich kids who was sentenced to life in prison for the 1984 murder of his father, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    He was freed on appeal about a decade ago and started driving for Luxor Cab in San Francisco. In August, a cab he was driving ran a red light and hit a car, which then struck and killed 38-year old Edmundo Capalla, the Bay Citizen first reported.

    The San Francisco District Attorney's office was ready to charge him with felony manslaughter, but lacked evidence such as the cab's speed and a drug and alcohol test for Eslaminia -- all things that could "make or break" a felony charge, the newspaper reported.

    Crash scene investigators thought they could still make the case that Eslaminia was speeding and thereby guilty of gross negligence -- but the car that the cab hit has been reclaimed by its owner, the newspaper reported.

    Therefore, a misdemeanor charge was settled upon and a warrant was issued for Eslaminia's arrest March 29. He could be in Southern California, the newspaper reported -- but not even his old lawyer knows exactly where.