Lara Rekhi Identified as Santa Cruz Beach Log Accident Identified

Recent stormy weather washed debris into the ocean.

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    A 6-year-old girl was playing in the surf near Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz when an 11-foot-long log was thrown into her by a powerful wave. (Published Sunday, April 15, 2012)

    The little girl who died in a freak accident at a Santa Cruz beach has been identified as a 6-year-old from San Jose.

    The Santa Cruz Sentinel identified the child as Lara Rekhi.

    She was playing in the surf near Pleasure Point on Thursday when an 11-foot log was thrown onto her by a powerful wave.

    Members of her family and others on the beach worked together to lift the log off of the little girl, but it was too late. She was unconscious when paramedics arrived.

    Lara was airlifted to Stanford hospital where she died later that night.

    Officials said it was unclear if the girl died from blunt force trauma after being hit by the log, or from drowning in the ocean.

    "There are many natural hazards in and around the ocean and beaches. Especially during storms, the ocean can become more volatile," sheriff's deputy April Skalland said.

    The Sentinel said the little girl's family was staying at a Santa Cruz vacation rental for spring break when the accident happened.