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"Massive" Amounts of Meth in Man Who Stole, Crashed Plane

The Tracy man who stole an airplane and died in a crash was on meth. Lots of it.



    This and airplanes do not mix.

    The man who hot-wired a plane at a Concord airfield and made it as far as Fresno before crashing and dying wasn't making clear decision, it turns out.

    Ray Pirro, 52, had "massive" amounts of methamphetamine in his body, which meant he didn't show "consistent" behavior, police told the Contra Costa Times.

    You don't say.

    Pirro, of Tracy, snuck onto the Buchanan Field Airport on Feb. 5 and hot-wired a Cessna belonging to Felix Boston of Walnut Creek, the newspaper reported. At the time of his death later that afternoon, after he crashed the plane into a canal near Fresno, he had 2,500 nanograms of meth per milliliter of blood, according to a toxicology report. Put in perspective, a typical meth high is gleaned from 100 to 300 nanograms of the drug per milliliter of blood, the newspaper reported.

    In other words, this was a bona fide speed freak.

    Pirro, who resided in Tracy, did not have a pilot's license, according to police.