Mountain View Cougar Hid Near Street for 9 Hours: Report

Big cat had big day out in South Bay suburb.

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    Walkers and bikers in Mountain View almost came face to face with a big cat.

    The cougar that was captured in Mountain View last month stashed itself stealthily behind a hedge for nine hours, according to reports, as the world passed by without a care nearby.

    The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the cat was caught in the urban hubbub and sought refuge from the "hustle and bustle of downtown" by creeping near apartments, sneaking around cars and the occasional person for "another 3 1/2 hours."

    The big cat was tranquilized and shipped back to the wild after it was discovered.

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    Mountain View police on Tuesday night cornered a mountain lion underneath a car at an apartment building's parking garage. (Published Tuesday, May 6, 2014)

    His trip to become "lost" in civilization began after he crossed Interstate 280 on May 5 and then ran through "tract homes...mansions" and then into Los Altos near Egan Junior High School, the newspaper reported.