Law Requires New Homes In Palo Alto to Come Equipped with Electric Car Chargers

A change in the building code means new homes will come prepared for electric cars.

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    This could be everywhere in Palo Alto -- or everywhere there's a new home.

    Your new house will come equipped with a charger for your electric car.

    Only in Palo Alto -- where it's about to become the law.

    Builders in the Peninsula city will be required to install wiring in new homes that can easily be connected to an electric vehicle charger, according to Grist.

    The change in the building code is meant to encourage more electric vehicles, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    Currently, residents wishing to install chargers at the curbs must go through permitting as well as wiring -- a process that would be easier and cheaper if homes were built prepared for a charger.

    It costs about $200 to prepare a newly-built home for a charger, the newspaper reported, and churches and residents have had to pay up to $459 for electric vehicle charging station permits.

    The new building requirements were unanimously approved by the City Council on Monday, after members expressed surprise at how easy -- and cheap! -- it was to require the wiring.

    Now all you need is a down payment on a Tesla.