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Parents Concerned About Elementary School Closing in San Bruno

Kids are still recovering from the deadly PG&E pipeline explosion and can't handle losing their school, some parents said.

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    Families said their elementary school kids have been traumatized enough without losing their school. (Published Wednesday, April 18, 2012)

    An emotional debate is unfolding in San Bruno as the school district considers closing an elementary school.

    Crestmoor Elementary is on the list.

    Some parents said they can't handle that kind of disruption because they are still recovering from the PG&E pipeline explosion.

    Parent Michele Lynch said her twins are still in counseling after the 2010 explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. They are afraid their neighborhood will explode again.

    Lynch said they feel safe at Crestmoor and changing schools may set their recovery back.

    It's a sensitive situation several parents are facing.

    The district said declining enrollment and state funding cuts are forcing a tough decision.

    That decision may come next week. The district has scheduled a hearing where members may vote on closures.