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Petaluma Little League Players Suspended for Bullying



    (Published Friday, April 26, 2013)

    The Petaluma National Little League champions are back in the spotlight - but not for making it to the Little League World Series.

    This time it's because three members of the All-Star team were suspended for two days from Petaluma Junior High School for bullying and physically harming a teammate. A fourth was suspended for foul language. The person they were allegedly taunting was bruised on his chest, which occurred about two weeks ago.

    The president of the league, Jon Banister, said on Thursday that it's a shocking allegation.

    "I was at the World Series," he said, "And it appeared to me from the pictures I've seen and the pictures I took these kids enjoyed each other."

    The school district had no comment.

    The alleged bullying didn't happen on the baseball field. But the League is adopting a new anti-bullying policy.

    "We plan on publishing a letter on our website addressing our concerns about bullying," Bannister said. "We'll post link to policy and educate coaches about it and want them to talk to teams about it."

    Members of the Petaluma championship team now play for other teams but will be reuniting as a team to participate in the Petaluma Butter and Eggs Festival and Parade this weekend.