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Plan to Save Bay Area Parks Running on Empty



    California Coastal Conservancy
    This special license plate is supposed to help save state parks.

    A plan to help pay for protected open space in the Bay Area is at risk.

    Organizers had a year to get 7,500 orders for special license plates that feature the Golden Gate Bridge and the phrase "Nature Within Reach" but so far, only about 350 orders have been filled, the Chronicle reported.

    The $50 for the plates would go to the California Coastal Conservancy to help protect open space, restore and protect habitat and wetlands and provide public access and trails.

    The license plates have not been sent out yet. The plan is to process the orders after 7,500 have been filled. But if more people don't order Golden Gate bridge license plates soon the program could be dropped. The state agreed to extend the offer until the summer.

    If the plan is dropped, people who have already paid for the specialized plates could opt to get their money back or wait out another year to see if the plan gains enough momentum to continue.