San Jose Arson Investigators Deem Blaze Suspicious

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    Firefighters say bars on the windows could have prevented an easy escape for the people inside. Bob Redell reports.

    San Jose fire investigators are looking into the possibility that arson was to blame for an early-morning house fire after they spoke to a man and a woman suffering burn injuries in the hospital.
    Fire Capt. Reggie Williams said whatever the couple told the arson investigator prompted the investigation, but he wouldn't disclose more. The woman, according to a neighbor, suffered a burn on her arm and left through the garage crying.

    The two-alarm fire blaze, which started in the back of the house was reported around 3:45 a.m. Friday in the 2900 block of Aetna Way.
    Williams added that bars on the windows may have made it more difficult for the man and woman to escape, even though the bars had emergency switches the couple didn't activate. They were eventually able to get out through the garage.