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San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed's House "Occupied"

Mayor reportedly at home during protest



    San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed's House "Occupied"

    More than 30 protestors gathered outside San Jose Mayor Chuck  Reed's house Saturday afternoon and briefly erected a tent, according to  police.

    Police were called around 2:40 p.m. when around 30 or 40 people  apparently affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement gathered in front  of the mayor's house, said Officer Jose Garcia.

     One person pitched a tent in the driveway, but left before officers could contact him, Garcia said.

    That man identified himself as the man who had been living on top of a wall at San Jose City Hall.

    Police told the protestors that they could legally stay on the  public sidewalk, but needed to stay off private property, Garcia said. A  short time later, the group departed.

    The protest was peaceful, and there was no vandalism or violence.  Police made no arrests.
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