Silicon Valley Tops Forbes' List of "Best-Paying Cities for Women"

Earnings gap exists despite higher wages for women in Bay Area

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    NBC Bay Area
    San Jose City Hall sits in the center of Silicon Valley.

    In terms of wages, women in the Bay Area have it better than women anywhere else in the country, but it could still be better.

    Women in Silicon Valley earn more than women in Washington, D.C. or New York City, according to Forbes.

    And San Jose and Santa Clara have the highest-earners among American women, with the highest median income of $56,000, according to the Web site.

    In San Francisco, things are only slightly lower, with the median income at $54,600.

    However, the earnings gap persists: San Jose women earn only 74 percent of what men take home, Forbes reported.

    In San Francisco, the gap is narrower -- 84 percent -- but still there.

    "The gender disparity there is striking," Forbes reported.