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Stow Family Still Hopes for a Miracle

"We have so many friends here that we would not have met had it not been for this journey we're on"



    Brian Stow's family speaks out about his condition, his car and potential move back to the Bay Area. (Published Wednesday, May 11, 2011)

    The family of a Giants' fan beaten at Dodger Stadium on the opening day of baseball season is still hoping for a miracle.

    Attackers' Descriptions: Police Sketches

    Beaten Fan's Condition Stabilizes

    [LA] Beaten Fan's Condition Stabilizes
    Plans are being made to move Bryan Stow to UC San Francisco Medical Center.It's seven weeks since he was beaten on the Dodgers' opening day at the stadium. (Published Wednesday, May 11, 2011)

    Family members believe they've already gotten a small one.

    Bryan Stow's condition has stabilized enough for him to be moved to San Francisco, they said in an exclusive interview with NBC Los Angeles. The family is now making arrangements to transfer the comatose medical technician to UC San Francisco Medical Center, which is closer to their home in Santa Cruz.

    "Today's a little bit of a rough day, even though he's going in the progression that we want," said Bryan's sister Erin Collins. "It's still really hard to look at my older brother laying there. We're just looking for any sign that he can hear us."

    Stow was injured nearly seven weeks ago and he survived brain surgery that only one in 10 patients in his condition survive.

    But he remains in a coma and his family remains by his side.

    Moving him nearer to his home in the Bay Area will make things easier for his family. The family members said they will miss the people who have cared for Bryan since the attack.

    "That's going to be one of the hardest things to do -- to say goodbye to them," said Ann Stow, Bryan Stow's mother. "We have so many friends here that we would not have met had it not been for this journey we're on. They are life-long friends."

    Authorities have not made any arrests in the case. Billboards with descriptions of the attackers will be unveiled Thursday in LA.

    "One good tip will lead to these guys, and that would be great," said Bryan Stow's father.