Surprise Registered Sex Offender Check

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    A sweep found several registered sex offenders living just down the street from Santa Clara University.

    A surprise check of registered sex offenders in the South Bay leads to three arrests.
    The Santa Clara Sheriffs SAFE Task force checks on offenders to make sure they are living where they say they are and they are not violating probation or parole. 

    It turned out there are 20 registered sex offenders living just down the street from Santa Clara University.
    Six in the Sterling Motel and 14 in the St. Francis on the Alameda. Deputies quickly handcuff the men and searched their rooms.
    Two men we talked to say they don't like being searched but the law allows it. Every offender is wearing a GPS device so law enforcement can keep tabs on them.
    One man at the St. Francis was arrested when investigators found pornography on his computer.
    A woman living at the motel was stunned to learn her neighbors are sex offenders. She said while she and her husband haven't had any trouble they will have to move.