Teen Missing During B2B Wanders Home After Parents Ask Public For Help

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    Keoki Seu // via Flickr
    Bay to Breakers 2011, San Francisco, CA

    Parents have a right to worry, especially parents of a developmentally-disabled teenager who disappeared into Bay to Breakers crowds on Sunday morning.

    The family of 17-year old Olivia Ostergard issued a public plea Sunday evening, after Olivia had wandered away from her friends sometime after 10:40 a.m. The search was on, but was called off just as quickly, when Olivia walked into the family home sometime around 8 p.m., according to a report in The Chronicle.

    Olivia was separated from a group of friends in the west end of Golden Gate Park, near 47th Avenue and Lincoln Way.

    Olivia's brief sojourn into the unknown was troubling for parents and police alike, as she was described as having the mental capacity of a nine-year old, leaving her susceptible to who-knows-what amidst the tens of thousands of  Bay to Breaker celebrants.

    But at least for a day, worries that the five-foot tall teenager would come to ill were unfounded. Olivia was described as "happy and healthy" when she returned home after her Sunday around town.