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Police Dog Helps End San Jose Standoff



    (Published Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014)

    A San Jose police dog - and his teeth - helped end a tense, hourslong standoff Tuesday where a suspect had holed himself up in a neighborhood apartment building after police say he had  "physically assaulted" an officer.

    The man had tried to get out of the apartment complex on a bike, but a police dog named "Nantos" bit him - landing him in handcuffs - just after noon. He was taken into custody, and his name was not immediately released.

    The arrest capped a chaotic morning in a neighborhood hit by several recent burglaries.

    Just after 8:30 a.m., Officer Albert Morales said police were patrolling the area of Menker and Kingman avenues because dispatchers were told about a  "suspicious suspect" hiding in a laundry room in an apartment building on Richmond Avenue near Moorpark Avenue.

    Tense Standoff in San Jose, Suspect Assaults Officer: Police

    [BAY] Tense Standoff in San Jose, Suspect Assaults Officer: Police
    San Jose police had surrounded an apartment where a suspect had holed up Tuesday morning after they say he physically assaulted an officer. Bob Redell reports
    (Published Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014)

    Three officers confronted him, Morales said, and he  "freaks out."

    Morales said the man tried to get an officer's Taser gun but didn't get it. Instead, the man grabbed an officer's baton and raised it at police, Morales said.

    During the struggle, officers hit the man, which is when he ran away, barricading himself  inside the apartment.

    About 10 a.m., police shouted, "Come out with your hands up," to the man, and had fired several rounds of projectiles of what appeared to be gas into the complex.


    Below photo by Marianne Favro shows window where the suspect in the standoff was hiding for nearly four hours.