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Toll-Takers Could Be Eliminated From All Bay Area Bridges

Report: Electronic-only tolling could go Bay Area-wide.



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    Already a thing of the past on the Golden Gate Bridge, human toll-takers could be history at all Bay Area bridges within five years, according to a report.

    All-electronic tolling could be a Bay Area-wide phenomenon, according to reports.

    The San Jose Mercury News's Roadshow column reports that "a couple of bridges" around the Bay Area could go all-electronic "in a year, with others phased in later."

    The Golden Gate Bridge did away with its human toll-takers earlier this year. Other bridges have dedicated FasTrak lanes, but still have people handling paper money.

    Officials are busy "evaluating" the system, the newspaper reported.

    Once the Golden Gate Bridge's evaluation is complete, person-less passage "will most likely [be] next on the Dumbarton and maybe the Carquinez or Benicia bridges," according to Roadshow.

    "The Bay Bridge would probably be the last one converted to electronic-only tolls, in about five years," Roadshow reported.