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Top-Floor Gambling Off-Limits At San Jose Casino

Gambling allowed only on bottom floor of casino.



    Looks nice! But it's for views only -- no gambling.

    San Jose's new $50 million Casino M8trix is just getting off the ground -- but that's where the gambling will stay.

    The San Jose police chief has rejected a request by the casino to allow gambling on its eighth floor, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    Chief Chris Moore made the call before retiring this week, according to the newspaper. Under city law, the police chief has the final call in choosing whether to allow gambling in card rooms, and the chief's call is final.

    There's no gambling on the eighth floor -- which gives gamers views of the entire South Bay -- because police inspectors need to spring surprise inspections, according to the newspaper. And having gaming on the top floor would mean it would be too difficult to surprise any potential wrongdoers.