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Woman, 82, Says Man Shoved Her Over Goose

An 82-year old woman was injured after protecting a goose in Golden Gate Park.



    Original photo via SF Citizen

    San Francisco police are searching for an adult man who allegedly shoved an 82-year old woman to the ground.

    All over a goose in Golden Gate Park.

    The man's son is said to have harassed the geese which congregate around Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

    An 82-year old woman was walking her dog around the lake at 11 a.m. Friday. She either scolded the boy for his frolicking or "grabbed him by the neck," according to the newspaper.

    The boy's father then intervened, either knocking over the woman "accidentally" or shoving her to the ground in an act of brute goose force, the newspaper reported. The man has not been found.

    The woman was helped to her car by the man, she told police. She later checked into St. Mary's Medical Center, where she was told he had "life-threatening injuries," according to police.

    "It kind of puzzles me about what really happened," said an employee of the Stow Lake Boathouse, who witnessed only the aftermath of the incident, in which the woman, dazed, was assisted by the man, apologetic. "Nobody really saw it. I don’t think there were any other witnesses but the guy, his kid and the lady."