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eBay Ships Out A New Way To Buy

Next-day delivery, coupons, and a new look



    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012)

    Just in time to get your Cyber Monday ahopping spree on, eBay is changing the way you can shop on its site.

    The San Jose dot com giant is moving way beyond auctions, to encourage you to shop, a la Amazon and other online shopping hotspots.

    For one thing, eBay is getting into the same-day delivery game.  For $5 an order, you can take advantage of what the company is calling "eBay Now," and - like Amazon (along with Wal-Mart, which is providing even more choice to consumers), you can snag items faster than you can say TaskRabbit.

    eBay is also dabbling in Groupon-like daily deals, which makes sense for a dot com commerce site, and is even changing the look of its website, to resemble something like PInterest. This, too, is following the Amazon model, which lets you let others know what you want come the Holidays.

    Says eBay's Richelle Parman, while rolling out the new look and product, "eBay Now - first in San Francisco - is all about convenience, that lets you use any mobile device to order online, then get it within an hour, anywhere you choose." Note the emphasis on mobile.  From Facebook to Twitter, everyone these days is talking about making money on mobile. eBay may have found a way.

    And, if it works, it sounds like a pretty convenient way.

    Scott is mobile, and on Twitter: @scottbudman