No Campaigning Necessary for These Candidates

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    An indictment may come down Thursday, but the former governor and his wife are hangin' with the Mouse.

    Early returns show some odd choices as write-in candidates in races in Sacramento.

    Some votes received in the Sacramento County sheriff's race were for Barney Fife, Wyatt Earp and John Wayne.

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    Mickey Mouse, Al Capone and Madonna were write-in candidates for other races. Votes for "Rocky and Bullwinkle" will not count because that's a vote for two individuals.

    The two main candidates in the Sacramento County sheriff's race are sheriff Capts. Jim Cooper and Scott Jones. The third candidate in the race is former deputy Bret Daniels.

    Almost half of the registered voters in California fill out their ballots before Election Day and mail them.

    Some 100,000 ballots have already been received in Sacramento County and will be counted with everyone else's votes on Tuesday night.

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