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San Jose's Arizona Boycott Is Mind Over Matter



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    Thousands marched to Arizona's state Capitol to protest the tough new immigration law on Saturday, March 29, 2010.

    San Jose officials have condemned Arizona's tough new law targeting illegal immigration but have stopped short of an economic boycott of the state.

    The City Council on Tuesday voted 9-2 to denounce the immigration law, prohibit city employees from traveling to the state on official business and support legal challenges filed by other groups. But council members said they didn't think a boycott was appropriate, given the city's financial troubles.

    San Jose has contracts with Arizona companies for garbage collection and stun guns that are worth millions of dollars.

    Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco are among the California cities that have passed economic boycotts of the state.

    Arizona's new law allows police enforcing other laws to question people about their immigration status.