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Asus to Release Super Tablet With Blazing Fast Core i5 CPU



    Tablets run mobile operating systems for one reason: to extend battery life. Apple's iOS and Google's Android both understand this. Asus is digging back in the archives of the Microsoft tablet PC days — it's planning to release its Eee Pad EP121 as if it were a notebook.

    Rather than play the same game as Samsung and its Galaxy Tab or Motorola and its upcoming tablet (rumored to be called Xoom), Asus is planning a Windows 7-powered tablet with a Core i5 processor. The processor choice is quite interesting, given that most tablets use CPUs by ARM and clock in at the average 1GHz. An Intel Core i5 is usually reserved for heavy hitting notebooks such as a 15-inch MacBook Pro.

    In addition to the beefy processor, the Eee Pad EP121 will sport a 12-inch screen, HDMI, USB, SD card slot and web camera. That's quite a bevy of features. Compared to the iPad, the Eee Pad is in a whole different league.

    Asus is set to officially take all the wraps off the Eee Pad at CES next month.

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