Google TV Apps Will Make Watching TV More Like Surfing the Internet

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    The apps are coming to Google TV.

    Google TV is coming in the next couple of months, and Google has just unveiled some of the apps that you can expect to see on your TV if you get on board with the service.

    You'll be seeing stuff that is coming right from cellphones and computers, such as a Twitter app, as well as apps designed specifically for the screen, like CNBC Real-Time, an app that tracks stocks and news feeds while CNBC plays on the screen.

    Other content partners include HBO, the NBA and Turner Broadcasting. Looking for many more to sign on as well as this thing ramps up. Essentially, channels will be able to create special apps for their networks, allowing you to get more, personalized information that pertains to what you're watching on the screen.

    Of course, other apps won't have to deal with broadcast TV directly, which is why there will be a Netflix app for streaming from that service as well. All in all, it looks incredibly promising.