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Google Rescheduler: Herding Cats Just Got Easier



    Google's logo through the eyes of a child.

    Trying to arrange a meeting, conference call, or poker night just got easier with Google Rescheduler.

    Google Calendar has added a new app that takes over the hassle of coordinating multiple schedules. If you're not using Google Calendar, well, you should, especially now.

    Users who share their Google Calendars can turn on a new tool called Google Rescheduler. Select the event you want to reschedule, click "Find new time" and Google does the rest.

    It scans the calendars of everyone in the group and suggests a time that works with everyone. It can even reschedule the time of a reserved conference room.

    Whether scheduling your next corporate takeover meeting or just a girl's night out, Google is making life a smidge easier, one keystroke at a time.

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