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Political Group Shuts Down Twitter to Sing Iran's Praises



    The Fail Whale had a new look Friday.

    Insomniac Twitter users may have noticed the Fail Whale's interesting make over early Friday morning.

    Hackers briefly blocked knocked off the popular San Francisco-based microblogging site and redirected traffic to a site singing the glories of Iran. A group called the "Iranian Cyber Army" claimed responsibility for the attack.

    While there was no confirmation that the hackers were directly linked with Iran, amateur conspiracy theorist were given all the fodder they needed to say Iran was exacting its revenge for Iranians who turned to the social networking site in June to protest the country's elections.

    The truth is Twitter has become a popular target for hackers and distributors of fake truths. Just ask Bill O'Reilly and Britney Spears. Although sometimes hackers fake news turns out to be eerily correct shortly after. See the curious case of Chris Henry just a few days ago.

    The site was also taken down as recently as August when a cyber army carried out a denial-of-service attack.

    Just like that hack, Twitter fixed its latest problem within a few hours. The site says it will update the Fail Whale fan club with more details about the attack "once we've investigated more fully."