Sausages Turn Into a Handy iPhone Stylus in Cold Weather

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    Does anyone have an extra sausage?

    In the middle of digging out from this huge snowstorm Wednesday, it was way too cold to take off my gloves for some quick iPhoning. That's when I could have used one of these sausages that South Koreans discovered is perfect for use as a substitute finger.

    It's not clear whether these CJ Corporation snack sausages are the only ones that will electrostatically approximate a human finger, but we're pretty sure just about any meat would serve as a perfectly workable stylus.

    That does it. I'm looking for an easily pocketable sausage available in the U.S. for my future cold-weather iPhone needs. But wait, then my hands and phone will smell like sausage all day. And I don't think that iPhone screen is that oleophobic. Instead, maybe I could just get some gloves specifically made for cold-weather iPhonery.

    Via Kottke