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Tesla Updates Vehicle Software Over Fire Fears



    Tennessee Highway Patrol
    A faulty charging adapter in the Tesla Model S has a chance of causing damage that can lead to fire.

    Tesla is rolling out a software update to correct 29,000 charging adapters intended for use in its Model S vehicles, the company informed federal transit regulators.

    In a letter dated Jan. 12, the Bay Area-based auto manufacturer told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that NEMA 14-50 adapters have a chance of overheating, according to the New York Times.

    The overheating can lead to melted adapters "and, in a worst-case scenario, fire," the company said.

    About 29,000 chargers will be made safe, thanks to the software update, the company said.

    To date, customers have already returned "about 2.7 percent" of the adapters because they stopped charging, the newspaper reported.

    Overheating led to damage to the adapter, and at least one fire in an Irvine garage.