With Latest Angry CEO Rant, Tech Has Growing PR Problem

Another San Francisco tech entrepreneur has sounded off on the city's problems.

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    Tech is looking kind of ugly lately.

    Tech, we love you, but a little advice: tone it down.

    Public relations professionals are tsk-tsking at the technology industry. Following the latest angry rant from a CEO posted on social media, there's a growing realization that while tech is growing jobs and the economy, it's also encountering a growing image problem, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    The latest foot-in-mouth incident was courtesy of AngelHack CEO Greg Gopman, who told Facebook all about his problems with the "lower part of society."

    That's led to some well-heeled tech workers admitting to "elitism" as a problem.

    "From an image/credibility standpoint, it [tech] is really suffering right now," said Sam Singer, who runs PR firm Singer Associates.