SF Grandmother Busted for Animal Cruelty

A pit bull accused of a bite turns out to be the victim.

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    Getty Images
    File photo of a pit bull at a shelter

    Blue is the victim here.

    A 64-year old San Francisco woman is in trouble with the law after her pit bull bit her 12-year old grandson, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    Betty Whiteside has been charged with animal cruelty after police responding to her Ingleside home Dec. 16 saw that Blue, her pit bull, "was in bad shape," the newspaper reported.

    The dog was allegedly kept in an "odorous" small area in the house, surrounded by garbage and feces, and weighed a scant 38 points, "his ribs... protuding and his body covered in sores," the newspaper reported.

    The dog supposedly bit the 12-year old after he'd been fighting with his brother.

    The dog was seized by Animal Care and Control, where he remains.