Rain Falls as Surf Rises - NBC Bay Area

Rain Falls as Surf Rises

Radar loops will remain active and green all day Wednesday



    (Published Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010)

    Hopefully this was not the day you took off in December to do all of your Christmas shopping.

    As forecast, it is avery wet Wednesday around the Bay Area.

    Tonight, the rain will remain across the region and it will cold with lows dipping into the 40s.

    NBC Bay Area meteorologist Rob Mayeda calls it a "decent soggy system" and says 24 hour totals will likely range from half an inch in the South Bay to 3-plus inches in the North Bay and the Santa Cruz mountains.

    It might be enough rain to cause some nuisance flooding from leaf-clogged drains. 

    The rain gauge shows we need this with the Bay Area below average so far to date.

    The weather system is also stirring up the surf. Waves will start reaching the 10-15 foot range by early Thursday. It's not enough to be Mavericks-worthy, but still enough for regular surfers and sea-watchers alike.
    More showers are possible Thursday and Friday, but the really good news is that the weekend looks not only warm, but dry.