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"Clash of the Titans" Delivers Victory for 3D Conversion



    While the 3D conversion on "Clash of the Titans" was not effective in the eyes of many critics, you can be rest assured we'll see it again.

    Movie-goers gave more the 60 million reasons to embrace the filmmakers' efforts to transfer the film to 3D after it was shot completely in 2D.

    Much of the estimated $61 million weekend gross -- a record for Easter weekend -- was taken through 3D venues with inflated ticket prices. This was after critics (rightfully) smeared the 3D efforts in the movie, which were added at tremendous cost (as much as $15,000 per minute of film).

    The New York Times called the 3D addition, "superfluous, often distracting," and the Wall Street Journal called the often flat images on screen "2.5 D."

    "The audience makes the final decision," Dan Fellman, the head of distribution at Warner Bros told USA Today. "They aren't as critical as the critics are being."

    As he led the charge in James Cameron's "Avatar," Sam Worthington is front and center in the 3D debate -- this time in the conversion arena. And while the critics scoffed, the audience gave a strong conversion endorsement.

    "I feel conversion is here to stay," Fellman added. If this weekend's box office trend continues, he will look like a prophet.

    Next stop could include converting action classics such as "Star Wars" and "300" onto 3D.