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Samsung Gets 9 Million Pre-Orders for Galaxy S III



    Months and of teasing culminated in a painfully long unveil for the Samsung Galaxy S III. While it can be joked around that the S III design was created to be Apple lawsuit-proof, it would appear fans who aren't "sheep" are very excited for the next great Android smartphone.

    Reuters reports that the Korea Economic Daily has learned that Samsung's racked about 9 million pre-orders from over 100 wireless carriers across the world since its unveil on May 3.

    Do realize that the figure for the S III is one before the phone has even launched. Come launch day, the figure will only increase.

    By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S II took ten months to reach 20 million global units sold. If the S III is as hot as it appears, it should have no problem exceeding the S II's popularity in a few months.

    What features are you most excited for in the Galaxy S III? Ice Cream Sandwich? The 4.8-inch Super AMOLED (720p) screen? The fast 8-megapixel camera? S Beam? S Voice? Smart Alert? We like all of the features, but still feel the design is a little chintzy looking. Would it have hurt to use something other than plastic this time around?

    Korea Economic Daily, via Reuters

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