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Chewing No More: Giant's Secret Weapon



    Hypnosis to the Chew Rescue

    Members of the World Champion San Francisco Giants are turning to a hypnotist to help them kick a baseball habit. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011)

    Certain members of the San Francisco Giants have turned to hypnosis to help them quick the nasty habit of chewing tobacco.

    It started with bullpen catcher Bill Hayes who paid a hypnotist in Scottsdale, Arizona $300 for treatment back in January in hopes it would help him quit the habit.  Hayes said it worked. "I said it could be the $300 I ever spent and it turned out to be that," Hayes said.

    He hasn't dipped since then and he said his habit goes back 40 years.

    Fast forward to April and a visit to Arizona to play the Diamondbacks.  Manager Bruce Bochy asked Hayes if he still had the business card of his hypnosis specialist.

    Now Bochy says he's a believer. He said he kicked the habit of 35 years.

    "Pretty amazing. I remember being in the chair for 3 hours but I didn't realize how long I'd been there because she asked me how long. I said 'half hour.' She said about 3 hours," Bochy said.
    Four months later and Bochy says he's surprised he doesn't have the craving to chew even though he sees guys doing it every day in the dugout.