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    It's a fine line between creepy-yet-cool and just-plain-creepy -- just ask Tim Burton, who prudently chose to cast Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands, even though Brian Peppers nailed the audition. Also skillfully walking that line, Laura Zindel Ceramics.

    Supplying your kitchen with all the creep it can handle, Academy of Art lecturer Laura Zindel's released a line of plates, cups, and such that are radly emblazoned with all manner of insects and snakes, making dining at your house a little bit like being on "Fear Factor," without the horrifyingly disgusting prospect of having to eat, alongside Joe Rogan.

    The intricate, black-on-white renderings begin as pencil drawings that're evocative of 19th century medical sketches, which are then printed in enamel and fired permanently onto the surface of each piece in a piping hot kiln that ensures no two pieces are the same due to marginal variations in darkness and "shrinkage."

    Zindel's subjects grace the surfaces of espresso cups/saucers, coffee mugs, dinner plates, and big ol' platters, and range from coiled Garter snakes, to massive tarantulas with their hairy legs splayed out, to scuttling/gleaming-backed beetles, to giant hawk moths.

    If your guests start to cry, comfort them by subbing in a rare non-bug/snake piece like the rooster feather salad plate, or the adorable chickadee mug, but if they keep crying, it may just be due to too much peppers.

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