Community Odori Dance Programs at Nihonmachi Street Fair

Sunday, August 8 at noon and 3 PM

Join NBC Bay Area, Telemundo 48, and the Buddhist Churches of America at a community event celebrating the Tokyo Olympics Closing Ceremony. The closing ceremony event will take place during the Nihonmachi Street Fair on Sunday, August 8 and will include live music throughout the day and two Odori dance programs at 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. There will be ten participatory folk dances that will be led by dance instructors and accompanied by Jiten Daiko and Ensohza Band.

On Sunday, August 8 at noon-1 p.m. and 3-4 p.m. the San Francisco Japantown community will gather to commemorate the Tokyo 2020 Closing Ceremony with two Odori dance programs during the Nihonmachi Street Festival. These participatory community folk dances, widely performed during Obon festivals, are traditionally held in the summer months throughout the Bay Area’s Japanese Buddhist communities. The past two year’s events, totaling ten different locations, have all been postponed.

Pick up a free uchiwa (fan) at the NBC Bay Area booth!

The Obon season is an occasion to celebrate their proud heritage by providing a cultural festival centered around food, music, and arts. It is also an occasion to dance and dress in traditional attire. Men and women will dress in summer yukata (cotton kimono) and hapi coats and accompany their dances with various props that include – uchiwa (oo-chee-wha) -round fan, tenugui (ten ni guey) cloth and sensu (sen-sue) folding fans.

Check out the videos below to learn the steps before the community dances!

  1. Ei Ja Nai Ka

2. Tokyo Ondo

3. Oyuwai Ondo

4. Hokkai Bon Uta

5. Baseball Ondo

6. Soran Bush

7. Shiawase Samba

8. Pokemon Ondo

9. Tanko Bushi

10. Tokyo Gorin (Olympic) Ondo

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